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Our Services

  • Rapid development of custom solutions to meet application specific requirements.
  • All systems are completely designed in 3D-CAD, written specifications, cad drawings and PDF files are available for integration project documents and plans.

  • Fabrication begins with shop review of detailed and approved production drawings.
  • State of the art CNC machinery is used for many components.
  • System assembly is performed by skilled technicians who specialize in chemical feed systems.
  • All systems are hydrostatically and electrically tested priory to delivery. This includes simulation for any control signals including remote control panel operation if supplied.
  • Services include detailed Installation Review.
  • Mechanical/ Process startup services.
  • Operator training services to instruct operating personnel on the operation and maintenance of the system.
  • Operation and maintenance manuals are project specific and are provided in written and electronic format.

  • Large inventory of chemical metering Accessories, Maintenance kits and spare parts.
  • Qualified Factory Trained Technicians are available for on-site preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and emergency service, as required.
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